Ten Fun, Odd, and Interesting Dental Facts!

Old Toothbrush Ad

Old Toothbrush Ad

The benefits of visiting your dentist on a regular basis should be obvious every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. A healthy smile not only helps you look good, it can change your entire outlook for the day. To honor the marvels that are your smile, here are 10 dental facts centered on the greatness that is your mouth.

  1. The average American will spend close to 38.5 days brushing their teeth during their lifetime. Keep in mind it is recommended to brush your teeth for two minutes each brushing sessions, and most people brush their teeth twice a day. That time adds up quickly!
  2. Seventy-three percent of surveyed people would rather go to the grocery store than take a moment to floss. If you fall into this category, remember that flossing helps keep particles out from between your teeth. This aids in fighting off gum disease and bad breath!
  3. Just like your finger print is unique, your tongue print is unique to you as well.
  4. Those of you who drink carbonated beverages loaded with sugar have roughly 63% more tooth decay, cavities, tooth loss, and other dental problems. Cutting back your consumption of sugar filled drinks will easily prolong a healthy mouth.
  5. Remember to replace your toothbrush after you recover from a cold or flu. Cold germs like to camp out on your toothbrush. Therefore, when you feel better, replace your toothbrush.
  6. Why is it important to floss? There are more than 300 types of bacteria in dental plaque. You can reduce the buildup of plaque with regular dental visits followed up by proper brushing and flossing techniques.
  7. Every year, children in North America drop half a billion dollars on chewing gum. Make sure you are helping your kids choose sugarless gum!
  8. Newborn babies do not actually have tooth decay bacteria. They receive the bacteria from parents who kiss their children or blow on hot food.
  9. The first toothbrush to be manufactured with bristles was made in China in 1498. This brush contained the hair from hogs, horses, and badgers.
  10. Last, but not least, kids laugh roughly 400 times a day. You adults can only muster laughing just around 15 times a day. Go ahead and laugh from time to time. It’s good for you, your mood, and those around you!

We hope you learned a little something from this list. Remember, flossing is extremely important, sugar is Kryptonite to your teeth, and take time to laugh during the day. We look forward to seeing you for your regular dental check-up!


  1. You’ve definitely got a great list of facts here, especially since I learned a little something. I didn’t know that tongues had unique “prints” nor that it’s best to change your tooth brush after your sick, something I’ve never done. Goes to show you learn something everyday.

  2. Really nice piles of facts! This will surely encourage people to more see their dentist.

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