Give Your Teeth a Massage!

Teeth MassageWho would have thought massaging your teeth could improve your dental health? According to new research, massaging your teeth with toothpaste in addition to brushing your teeth twice a day increases fluoride protection by as much as 400%!

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy (Gothenburg, Sweden) studied the effects of high-fluoride toothpaste with those who have a greater tendency toward developing cavities. As an unexpected result, they developed a new method that significantly increases the level of protection from the fluoride toothpaste. While experimenting with different brushing techniques and varying times one would brush, the team found that those who used a high-fluoride toothpaste three times a day quadrupled the amount of protection.

As it’s often difficult to brush three times a day, especially while at work, the research team looked into developing a new method that would provide the same effects as if one was able to brush three times each day. Their solution? Massage your teeth with fluoride toothpaste once a day. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s very easy to do while at work after lunch.

Of course, massaging your teeth with toothpaste does not replace brushing your teeth twice a day. The massage only boosts your fluoride protection; it does not entirely clean your teeth as well as brushing. A massage only helps your dental health IF you brush twice a day as well.

Flossing once a day helps too. And then don’t forget your biannual check-ups and cleaning!


  1. I would really like to know the Correct way to massage my teeth and gums.
    In the picture, it just looks like you mindlessly push on the teeth ~ Does feel good, but I am interested in more than just fluoride. I am interested in strong healthy gums to keep my teeth in there for a long time.

    Should we pull our teeth from the top, down? Like adding weights to the gums to increase their strength the way we add weights to our biceps at the gym?

    Or should we push our teeth up and In to our gums ~ wouldn’t want to be loosening them to pull them Out.

    And are there actually little muscles (or tendons) that hold the teeth into the gums? How would we Properly massage that?

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